Does veinwave work for vessel matting (face)?

Laser treatmemts work bad on me and have caused bad vessel matting on the face and made my vascular problems much worse. I was wondering if I should try veinwave on the the visible veins or just give it time.

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Treat facial blushing on the face in Los Angeles

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In our office, we use a combination of PDL and IPL Limelight to help reduce matting and blushing on the face. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles


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Vein matting can occur with vein treatments.  We often give this several months to resolve.  What does not resolve with time and patience we inject with glycerin or treat with the veingogh device.  Veingogh uses Ohmic thermolysis to close the veins and remove the visible matting. 

Vein matting on face

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Matting can be a common problem with vein treatments.  Often it is caused by inflammation.  I would suggest giving it 6 months to clear, as often it will.  If it does not, the newer versions of vein wave work very well.  They use an electrical current to constrict and ablate the unwanted veins via a fine needle.  

Some of the older vein wave machines are a little under powered, and may require multiple visits.

Best luck to you,

Dr. Powell

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