Upper lip V-y plasty, persistent pocket of inflammation not improving. How long will it take to resolve? Will massaging it help?

Hi, I had the v-y plasty procedure 3 weeks ago. The lip swelling has gone down and I'm happy with the increased lipline, but there is lumpy inflammation on the inside of the upper lip, below the incision which isn't painful but causes my upper lip to stick out and hang over the bottom lip, giving me a fish lip look. It also effects the mobility of my lip. How long will this take to resolve? Will massaging it help? Thank you.

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Lip Plasty

I would definitely consult your surgeon as the lips scar and it can take time to improve.  I really do not like this type of surgery and personally try to have my patients avoid it since you can have such natural results with injections.  Best, Dr. Green

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You may be experiencing swelling three weeks after a V-Y Lip Augmentation procedure.

Lip surgery takes time for all swelling to resolve. You should bring your concerns to your surgeon. An area of swelling or scar tissue under your lip may be something amenable for a dilute steroid injection, depending on your examination.

Hope this helps you.

Dr Joseph

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Lip v-y plasty

Without photos it is difficult to comment on what you are appreciating. However, you are likely still swollen and swelling may be contributing to some of the issue that you are experiencing.

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Lip surgery

Hopefully, it is just an immature scar that will soften with time. I am not a fan of that procedure for the exact reason of your concern, noticeable scarring! Try massaging the scar daily. Good luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
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