Upper ab pain on the left side - 9 days post TT?

I'm having some (not severe) pain on the left side of my upper ab. I haven't had pain there before today (9th day post TT). If I laughed a lot yesterday, is it possible I popped a suture? I'm naturally standing a lot straighter as of a couple day, because it doesn't cause discomfort to do so. Is this ok? Should I still be very hunched 9 days post?

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Tummy tuck - pain on left side at 9th day

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Thank you for asking about your abdominoplasty.

  • Please call your surgeon and report your symptoms.
  • Although it is normal to still have some pain, it is unusual to have a new pain appear.
  • If you were my patient, I would want to speak to you in person and probably examine you.
  • The concern after any tummy tuck is whether the symptoms are from a blood clot - unlikely as it is, you are at a higher risk in the first three weeks after surgery.
  • You should not be very hunched over at this point and it is fine to be standing straighter if it doesn't hurt.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS


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After about a week you should be able to stand up straight.  The pain is likely related to plication of the abdominal muscle fascia with sutures.  It is normal for it to still hurt even 2-3 weeks out although is should improve completely.  I would recommend you continue light activities for now, no undue stress on your abdominal wall, and close communication with your surgeon with weekly visits.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Pain after surgery

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Thank you for your question.

At 9 days, you should be standing up straight. This is will not hurt anything and will actually make your back feel better from being hunched over for the first week. As for the pain in the upper abdomen, laughing will not pop a stitch out. Although if you were laughing a lot it may have strained your muscles and that's why you are having the pain. Do you notice any swelling or changes on the left side? If so, I would contact your surgeon for an in person evaluation to make sure everything is healing alright. Good luck with recovery.

Ab pain after a tummy tuck

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Some pain is normal even at 9 days especially as you start going back to normal activity. If you are concerned, then you should see your surgeon.

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