Uneven Eyes After Belotero? Is It Swelling or Uneven Placement?

I got Belotero 3 days ago. My right eye (left on photo) is much more filled so my tear trough is almost flat but it makes my eye look smaller. The other eye doesn't seemed to be filled as high (or as much) so you can see when I smile the wrinkle is more pronounced. At 3 days is the asymmetry from different swelling in each eye or do you think the injections were not symmetrical and when swelling goes down it will still be uneven? There was barely any bruising at all, I got 2 syringes.

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Belotero placement under eyes looks uneven or is this swelling?

With only 3 days since your treatment, you could still easily have some swelling. There is no photo posted so it's impossible to compare for symmetry. My recommendation would be to give it a few more days and post a photo if you still have concerns. 

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Uneven eyes after Belotero

I'm sorry but I do not see any photos posted with your question.  I will say that at three days after your Belotero treatment under your eyes, that there most likely still is some swelling, so the appearance will most likely still change over the next week.  I would recommend waiting at least a week more to judge the result and if it still looks like there is some unevenness, I would return to your treating physician, as it most likely can be improved.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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