Undiluted vitrase to dissolve Voluma?

8 attempts for 2 ml. didnt work. drs used diluted voluma, btw 30-70 and 125 units each time. if there is any improvement it is very slight. i cant go on like this!!!! does anyone have success dissolving voluma? my dr doesnt even remember where he put it . i can only see it from the outcome, so im not going to trust him again!

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Try more Vitrase!

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How frustrating for you... We are learning that some fillers are more difficult to dissolve with Vitrase than others. Frequently, I use high doses of undissolved Vitrase/ Hyaluronidase to resolve this problem. I do have a few patients referred to me that have required multiple injections on different days. Good luck with this difficult problem.

Los Angeles Oculoplastic Surgeon

Voluma and Dilution with Vitrase NYC

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Voluma can take more than one treatment with Vitrase to dissolve the area.  Voluma is an excellent product when injected properly.  Please consult an expert in facial cosmetic injections. Best, Dr. Green

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