Can Ultherapy help the mid face/ nasolabial folds?

I have been getting fillers for cheeks and around nasolabial lines. I am now 56 and the lines are more like mild folds. My derm said that all I need a little lifting, not much and that ultherapy would be great for this. However, when I check the website it says fda approved for chin, neck and brown. Does ultherapy work in the mid range of face as well?

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Ultherapy and Facial Fillers - Buffalo NY Ultherapy

Ultherapy will help tighten and lift the jowls along with tightening of the mid face and neck. In doing so, it will soften the nasolabiaal folds. 

In conjunction with this, fillers will help further eliminate these folds that are related to volume loss.

Some have combined Sculptra and Ultherapy and have coined the term 'Sculptherapy' - but any combination of fillers that is suitable to your particular concerns can do the trick. 

It is believed that facial fillers combined with Ultherapy enhance the final effect and stimulate more collagen deposition ... 

Read the Ultherapy book on the link below. 

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Ultherapy works typically well in the mid cheek to lift jowls of the face in my NYC practice

I see significant improvement in lifting jowls in many patients with Ultherapy that had been done in the cheeks and neck in my NYC patients. The treatment is not done immediately over the smile folds with the deepest transducers, but the 1.5mm handpiece can be used there as well.  Lifting the cheek does help lift the smile crease, whereas a traditional facelift is thought not to help the smile folds.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Ultherapy Help the Mid Face and Nasolabial Folds

Ulthera can be a great treatment for skin tightening for many people. We have been doing this treatment for many years now and have had wonderful results time after time. What we have seen from treating the face and neck area is that there is tightening that can be seen in the nasolabial folds and softening of these lines and folds. It is not as dramatic as when using fillers and sometimes the combination of both is worthwhile for many people. For those that commented that you do not see tightening here from this, they need to reassess this – we see this on a regular basis in our patients.

Michael Gold, MD
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Folds and ultherapy.

In my experience with Ultherapy, the patient can have minimal improvement of the nasolabial fold. If this is an area of concern, filler is much better at achieving your goals. I would sooner use fillers like Voluma  with Juvederm   to address these issues and consider  ultherapy as a secondary procedure. 

Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS
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Ultherapy for Nasolabial Folds

By tightening and lifting the skin of the midface, Ultherapy can help to soften the appearance of nasolabial folds. It is only a subtle result in this area because the main reason we develop deep nasolabial folds is because of volume loss. For this reason, the best non-surgical option to treat the nasolabial folds are fillers. The best thing to do would be a combination of both Ultherapy and Fillers. Hope this help answer your question.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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Ultherapy of mid face/nasolabial folds

Ultherapy can be used on the brows, mid face, lower face, neck and chest.  The area that is normally treated to help with the nasolabial folds and along the jaw is the lower face and sub mental area (under the chin).  While Ultherapy can provide some lifting, it will not provide as much lift as surgery does.  It is great for people who absolutely do not want surgery and for those that who do not need surgery for improvement yet.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Skin tightening with Ultherapy

Our office specializes in Ultherapy treatments and we have found excellent short and longterm results in skin and soft tissue tightening along the neck, jowls, jawline, and face. 


Dr. Karamanoukian 

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Ultherapy Treatment for midfacial and nasolabial folds

While Ultherhapy is an outstanding treatment in several areas of the face, I do not find that the midface and nasolabial folds respond as favorably as do some other areas.  Injectable fillers may play an important role in your care as well.

Brian Biesman, MD
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