Should a Tummy Tuck Revision Be Performed if I Have Weak Muscle Tone?

I had a full Tummy Tuck March 2nd 2012 (a year ago). I'm very unhappy with my results because I still have a bulge. My PS says it's because my abdominal muscles are weak and that crunches and sit-ups will help strenghthen the abdominal muscles, and as a result, will give me the flat stomach I've always wanted. Will a revision help or am I gonna be doomed to do ab workouts forever?

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Should a Tummy Tuck Revision Be Performed if I Have Weak Muscle Tone?

This question is hard to give a useful response to without the benefit of some photos, preferably from before and after surgery, and some added history. I would like to know if the contour looked better than it does today soon after surgery. 

It is true for some patients that strengthening the core muscles will improve the outcome. For others with lax tissues, the muscle lining stretches out again after being tightened. For some patients in that category, using an artificial mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall may give you good improvement.

Discuss with your surgeon, or consider a second opinion. All the best. 


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Weak Muscle Tone after Tummy Tuck

   This is really not an issue of muscle tone but fascial integrity.  There are some patients in whom no matter how much the fascial repair is reinforced the tissue will not hold or will hold poorly over time.  This is very unusual but can occur.  You may want to get a second opinion here, but the problem is that if the repair looked good initially it may happen with a revision.  Sometimes, mesh repair may help.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Bulging Tummy after a Tummy Tuck?

If you have already had a tummy tuck, but still have abdominal bulging, you need to consider a few things: did your surgeon tighten the muscle? If he did, was it tight enough? If it was good at the beginning, but has gotten worse, did you tear some of the internal sutures?  These are the key questions and you really need to be examined by a boarc certified plastic surgeon to see if a revision will work for you. You should also bring your operative report to your consultation so that your new surgeon can see exactly what was done. Good luck to you.

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One Year Postop & Unhappy With Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your TT result.  One of the most significant factors that affect your tummy tuck result is not how the procedure is performed, but whether you were a good candidate to begin with.  Patients with significant intra-abdominal fat do not benefit from the muscle tightening as much and can end up with a square waist and bulging at the top.  It is important to identify these problems before surgery and to point out the limitations of the operation.  Beyond that, it is difficult to comment on your situation without photos and an examination. All the best.

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When to do a revision tummy tuck.

Different things can result in a tummy not being as flat as you might like after abdominoplasty.  Stretching of the repair, laxity in the up-and -down direction as well as the side-to-side direction that is excessive, and most commonly too much fatty tissue inside the abdomen all are possibilities.

Your surgeon most likely can separate out which of this are the problem.

Unfortunately we all need to keep our core strong with abdominal exercises, tummy tuck or not.

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