Trouble Blowing Nose 4 Months Post-Rhinoplasty

It's been 4 and a half months since my nose operation and everytime i try to blow my nose, blood comes out. I keep bleeding (not excessively, it doesn't drip out but it's there) everytime I want to clean my nose. Is this normal after this period of time? Or should i be concerned? Thank you in advance.

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At 4 Months Following A Rhinoplasty Your Nose Should Be Working Well

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At 4 months following nasal surgery, the inside of your nose should be doing fairly well.  You probably should not be having bleeding and congestion at this point. I would start using a nasal saline spray regularly and make an appointment to see your surgeon to have them take a look inside and make some suggestions. Good luck.

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Bloody noses after rhinoplasty

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Blood coming out the nose is a scary experience. It doesn't matter if it's gushing or a few drops on a tissue. 

After rhinoplasty, blood may indicate a dry nose, crusting from stitches that didn't dissolve, or perforation. In most cases, humidifying the nose helps: nasal saline sprays, saline gel, sinus rinses, and humidifiers.

Regardless, it's important for you to return to your surgeon for a follow-up appointment, so they may examine your nose and guide you to the best treatment plan. Safety comes first.

Blowing nose after rhinoplasty surgery

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Thank you for sharing your concerns and questions. It's likely that your nose is still healing and you may have some continued nasal dryness. For most patient, the use of a saline nasal spray 4 or five times daily and a nasal lubricant (like Ayr gel) would help relieve the dryness and minimize bleeding. However, it's also possible you could have a problem (such as a nasal septum perforation or hole, granuloma, retained suture, etc.). You could try nasal humidification for now. However, please keep in mind that it takes at least one full year for both the internal and external nose to heal from surgery. It is very important you see your rhinoplasty surgeon for scheduled follow up appointments during this first year to be sure your nose is healing as expected. Thanks again for sharing and good luck!
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