Best treatment for a youthful refreshed look? (Photo)

Hello! Ive turned 30, and I'd like to be proactive with my age fighting! :) I've noticed very slight changes and was wondering what would be the best course of action? Fillers, Botox? I'm noticing small wrinkling at the corners of my mouth, and slight skin sagging around my marionette line and nasolabial folds. What would be recommended to keep my skin looking tight and youthful, and slow down the signs of aging? Thank you!

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Youthful refreshed look

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From the pictures you sent I think filler to the marionette lines and the nasolabial fold would do you a world of good.  In addition it appears that the middle of the area under your eyes could use a little filler too as you are showing some signs of volume loss in that area.  If you are getting wrinkles on the forhead or at the eye corners then some Botox would be helpful.  Hope this helps.

Dr. ODell

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