Best treatment option for gapped/protruding teeth? Previously had braces (Photo)

I'm a 21 y.o who had metal braces ages 11-13 wore a retrainer for 1 year prior to. My teeth have since reverted back, the gum has filled a space between 2 front teeth (never surgically removed), they are protruding and I'm not happy with how small my actual teeth/smile is. I am considering veneers, but would like to know the most effective treatment to achieve my ideal smile that won't cost a fortune, hopefully doesn't take longer than a year and I don't experience reversal again. Thank you!

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It looks like a pretty straight forward situation.

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Hi and thanks for your question. From what I can tell in the photos, your bite looks OK.  The space in the middle is your main issue.  In this situation, you have to be careful if you try to close the space with restorations, as it may make your middle teeth look too big.  A short course of orthodontics with either braces or aligners should do the trick.  Again as long as the bite is good as I suspect it may be as short as six months.  When finished, consider doing a bonded (glued-in) retainer behind the teeth and having the gum tissue revised as needed.  Please be sure to ask around for a good orthodontic specialist.  If you are near Manhattan, I suggest Mark Bronsky or Adam Schuloff.  Both are very top notch.  Good luck.

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