I'm not sure if my treatment is over as my midline is not corrected and I have an other issues. What do you think? (photo)

Hello, I'm waiting my retainers after 41 sets of Invisalign and 13th set of refinements ,but i think i might need some correction. How my doc explained, my midline won't be fixed because of my missing tooth on my right side(lower first molar).i haven't told that when i started the treatment.I have a huge improvement and I'm thankful for that ,but i still think i need more refinements . My concerns 1.Midline which is shifted 2.The space between my teeth 3.Overbite I'd love to hear from you.

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Midline, Space, and Overbite

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Great job with the photos and timeline. Your teeth have lined up very nicely.You have concern in regards to your mid line. If the mid line of your upper teeth is in the mid line of your face, you are set as far as mid line goes. Your upper and lower mid lines don't line up, but that is something that NO ONE (other than you) will notice. If you are like most of us, your lower jaw doesn't stop long enough with your mouth open for any one to notice your mid line discrepancy.The space between your lower teeth can be closed with some bonding on the sides of the teeth. Your general dentist should do this. The orthodontists don't typically do bonding. May take a visit or two, but all the black between your teeth will be gone!Your overbite is right on. Not too much, just enough.You and the orthodontist have worked hard and accomplished a beautiful smile!

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