Can transitioning/tapering be achieved with laser hair removal?

I would like to remove hair from back, shoulders and upper arms. I am somewhat hairy, and I would like to avoid a line between the lasered parts and non-lasered parts. Is there a way to fade or taper with laser hair removal? I went to two consultations, one place recommending doing my arms 3 times so the hair would thin out and doing the back/shoulders to completion. Another place, said that transitional don't work. I either have to do the whole arms or live with having an artificial looking line.

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Laser Hair Removal Techniques

Laser hair removal is an incredibly effective procedure, however due to the nature of how the removal works, a tapered look would be very difficult to achieve. At my practice we use the GentleMax Pro, the newest and most effective technology in laser hair removal which works by damaging the hair follicle of the hairs in growth phase at the time of treatment. Not all hairs are in growth phase at the time of treatment meaning not all are affected at once, one of the reasons multiple treatments are needed, but also one of the reasons tapering would be very difficult. Additionally, it is impossible to predict your response to treatment - whether finer hair will grow in the place of treated hair or it will be removed completely. Despite these obstacles, we often perform this procedure on the same areas you have mentioned with great results and patients who are very pleased with the final outcome.

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Tapering with Laser Hair

With laser hair you cannot taper the hair removal.  You can lessen the hair in a given area by not completing the treatments but it may not be exactly how you like it.  Best, Dr. Green

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