Torn between revision rhino or lower lift with neck procedure? I am 48 years old, non smoker (Photos)

Should I get a rhino revision or lower facelift with neck... I am 48....not sure if too early.. or is mini lift an option?? dont like my nose when I smile nor my under eye extra skin

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Facelift with revision rhinoplasty

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In a healthy patient a revision rhinoplasty can safely be performed at the same time as a necklift.  If you only want to undergo one procedure at a time, then you really need to think about what concerns you most.  What is the area you constantly seem to focus on when you look in the mirror?  Perhaps, that can help lead you to recognize what concerns you most.  

Facelift versus revision rhinoplasty procedures

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A facelift procedure and a revision rhinoplasty procedure can both be performed  at the same time. If only one procedures going to be performed, choose the procedure on that portion of the face that bothers you the most. For many examples of both procedures, please see the link and the video below

No reason/every reason

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Given that you are a healthy nonsmoker you are likely a good candidate for most any reasonable cosmetic procedure providing that your surgeon has examined you carefully and the two of you agree that it is soHaving said that, once it is determined that you are a good candidate for any procedure(s), it is entirely up to you which to prioritizegood luck 

Revision rhino or neck

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You can do both and stage them if you want or do one. It is really up to you which one you want to do first.  Best of luck. An exam in person is critical.

Creating a treatment algorithm would be best approach on deciding on what to do.

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As you enter middle age, there are a lot of things that are changing: more visible facial lines, volume loss of the face especially in the cheeks, loss of support in the lower face and neck.  Also, you had a rhinoplasty and seem not to like the results wholeheartedly.  This is when you would benefit from a board certified plastic surgeon, who can help clarify what your problems and concerns are, then give you an understanding of what are good options for treatment and then create an algorithm that will help you decide which of the problems to address first, second, third, etc.  From what I can tell from the photos, you may benefit from a revision rhinoplasty, volume improvement in the anterior cheeks (with Sculptra) and possibly a lower face and neck lift, emphasizing more on the neck.  Good luck!

Choosing The Right Procedure For You

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This answer might not be the most satisfying immediately, but it is the only answer:  it all depends on what bothers you the most.  It is not the role of a plastic surgeon to tell you what procedure to have; it is our role to tell you the procedures that exist to correct the issues that trouble you.  Such an important decision as this should be made not on the internet, but in the office of a board certified plastic surgeon -- someone who can listen closely to your concerns, can help give you the options of treatment, and can then, with your preferences guiding the conversation, help you design a surgical plan.  For this reason, it is important to go to someone who is expert in performing surgery on the face and nose so you will not get a skewed response in one direction or the other. Please do your research carefully.  Study reviews, photos, educational background, hospital affiliations.  Make sure your board certified plastic surgeon works not just on the body, but the face where a few millimeters makes an enormous difference. Plastic surgery is all about you and your wants -- not the surgeon's wants.

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