How do I get one tooth corrected without braces after I'm unhappy with the results the braces provided? (Photo)

Hi. So I just got off my braces in August. I got Damon braces as my dentist recommended it would speed up the process and it did. I'm happy with my smile except for a tooth which looks a little high to me. I do not have the financial aid to visit the dentist again to correct the tooth. I have dimples and they're kind of my best feature, I would love to show them off but I need my smile to be Hollywood-perfect for it. Please suggest me something to do at home. Will pushing the tooth with my tongue help?

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Go back to your orthodontist and show him what you don't like.

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Go back to your orthodontist and tell them you would like to get it fixed better.  Most orthodontists will want you to be happy with the results of your treatment and will try to help you if you are not happy.

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Dear Sadaf Shaikh,

Thank you for posting your question on RealSelf.  I will do my best to provide an answer with the information provided.  

I recommend visiting your treating doctor and address your concerns.  There are options to correct minor movements without braces such as Invisalign Express and Simpli 5.  You should be able to work it out with your doctor.

I hope that this helps and best of luck.

Dr. Jenn

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