12 treatments to dissolve voluma which was placed in the zygomatic and buccal hollow. Nothing.

once i even got 400 vitrase units w a dermatologist for two syringes and minimal improvement. 25% improvement. i see the voluma. could it be a gray market product even though i paid 1100 /syringe. dr gave me the lot numbers which i verified (he could just have a coupke of real syringes and bought everything else overseas) . should he be part of the briliant distinction? what is my next step? help

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Dissolving Voluma can take multiple treatments

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Thank you for your question hopexo. Voluma is a great filler that is used to contour the face. Voluma uses Vycross technology, which means there is a high level of cross-linking. This gives it more longevity but at the same time makes it more difficult to dissolve. It is not uncommon to require multiple treatments with hyaluronidase to dissolve Voluma. With my patients I always look at before and after photographs to assess results of filler or dissolving filler.I cannot comment on where the product came from but if lot numbers are available then I would believe the product is from the manufacturer (Allergan). I see no reason why your doctor should not participate in the Brilliant Distinctions Program, a rewards program where patients get points for treatments with Allergan products that they can use towards discounts on subsequent treatments. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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