What is the appropriate Liposuction method for a male like me? (Photo)

I'm a 35 years-old male living in NYC and I'm considering liposuction. I exercise intensely 5 times a week and eat healthy, but my love handles won't go away. I have been reading about lipo and it is very confusing given the many different treatment versions. What is the best method for my body? type of anesthesia? Given the amount of fat I have, can I hope to reach final results in one time? How much should I expect to pay in NYC or New Jersey? Thank you so much for your help with this!

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Types of Lipo

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There continues to be a debate about which flavor of liposuction works best. Tumescent liposuction is really the last breakthrough that has provided plastic surgeons with a significant advantage. The addition of ultrasound and laser makes for good marketing; however, they add little to results and come with new problems. The truth is, for the best results, you want the best plastic surgeon. Let them worry about how to get the work done. When selecting a plumber, would you research the type of wrench they use? A professional is going to use the tools that give the best possible results.

Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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What liposuction best for a fit man

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Your photo shows your fitness (well done!) and localized fat deposits.
Ultrasonic and laser liposuction have nothing to offer you.
Because fat extends to the back and you will need to be prone, for safety
I would suggest general anesthesia with super-wet (sometimes call tumescent) liposuction with a microaire (non-heat generating) liposuction machine. This is fat, efficient and will give an excellent result. Best wishes.
Above all find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in whom you have confidence. Best wishes.

What is the appropriate Liposuction method for a male like me?

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I would not select the type of liposuction.  Always select the surgeon.  Find the surgeon who produces consistently excellent results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Good candidate for liposuction with oral sedation and tumescent.

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Many liposuction patients can have the procedure done without general anesthesia. Oral or IV sedation with tumescent should work well in all areas can be treated in one sitting. From the photographs I would judged to be an excellent candidate.

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