Can I supplement Botox on the glabella with Juvederm and then use the rest of Juderm on may nasolabial folds previously treated?

Going to my 3rd treatment of the glabella with Botox. Strong muscles, 40 units needed. Botox wears off in 2 1/2 months. Thinking of supplementing Botox with a small amount of Juvederm since creases are relatively deep. On 7/3/14 I had Juvederm on nasolabial folds with great results. Since I think one full syringe of Judederm for the glabella will be too much, can I use the rest on my nasolabial folds, even though the results from the last application haven’t worn off yet. 1 syringe for 2 areas.

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Botox and filler should be used in conjunction for the best results.

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Botox and filler should be used in conjunction for the best results. The use of Botox will stop the lines from getting worse and the filler will smooth the line. 

You might be surprised with the amount of product it requires to fill lines. Without a photo it is impossible to provide an accurate assessment. However, your injector can definitely administer the product to 2 areas.


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Botox and filler for glabellar lines

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Botox and filler for deep lines in the glabellar area have a synergistic effect.  Botox stops the muscle movement and filler plumps up the creases.  If you keep up with your Botox injections every 4 months or so, the filler may last for several years.  You should have treatment with an experienced injector, especially in the glabellar area. Your physician can chose which filler he/she prefers, but I like to use Restylane Fine Lines for this area and any remaining filler can be used in other areas where needed.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Botox AND Juvederm for Glabella folds and lines?

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Dear rodrigolaport:

This is a great option. The two work synergistically by relaxing the muscles which create the fold and filling the crease and stimulating dermal collagen in the line.

If you have any Juvederm left over, it is usually not near enough for the nasolabial folds. I recommend lifting and adding resistance to the corners of the mouth. 

Be sure you are using a Board Certified injector for your filler in the glabella. There are risks to be considered in this area and they should be discussed with you.

All the best!

Dean P. Kane, MD, FACS
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and Filler for Glabella area

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Botox is a great way to treating the glabella area.  However, when the glabella wrinkle is too keep I often use a small amount of Restylane or Belotero in that area to make the area fill in.  Juvederm is too thick a filler for the glabella area.  The remainder of the filler can be used in the nasolabial area or oral commisures or any other area where you may need it.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist who has been injecting Botox for many years.

Botox and fillers

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I often combine the neuromodulator with the fillers to soften very deep lines.  The leftover can be used in other areas.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Using Botox and filler on the glabella

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Botox works primarily on dynamic wrinkles - those created when you move your facial muscles and create tension. People with static wrinkles - those that are there even when no facial movements are being done, can often be softened with repeat Botox injections but never fully removed. In these cases, filler can be used. I am not sure I would recommend Juvederm for the glabella though necessarily, as when it is injected superficially, it can leave a whitish translucent hue behind. This often happens and so I would be reluctant to recommend Juvederm in a thinner skinned area.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

Botox and Juvederm Combination for the Glabellar

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Botox is definitely the"go to" treatment for the glabellar wrinkles. However, wrinkles that are very deep may not be completely erased with Botox alone. In these cases a small amount of filler can help reduce the appearance of any deep folds that remain after Botox injection. This needs to be done very carefully by a skilled injector as fillers in this area can be associated with severe complications if not done properly. If the lines and folds which remain are very superficial then Belotero can also be used in this area. No matter what filler is used, you will definitely require less than 1 syringe and the rest can be used elsewhere. Best of luck.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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Can Botox be supplemented with Juvederm on the glabella?

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Yes.  Botox and Filler serve two different purposes but work complimentary well together.  The botox works on the muscles that create wrinkles.  The fillers volumize and fill in areas of the face to include folds.  Glabella injections carry higher risk for vascular problems and intravascular (in the vessel) injections that can carry serious complications to include potential blindness.  For glabella injections I use a blunt-tip cannula, which can reduce the risk of penetrating a blood vessel.  There is no issue with using a syringe of filler for various places on the face.  I do this quite routinely on maintenance injections.  Best regards.

John R. Burroughs, MD
Colorado Springs Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Sometimes Botox is not enough

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Botox works great to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles in the glabellar area.  In addition, if it is injected regularly it has a preventative action as well.  By keeping the muscles in that area at rest, it prevents the formation of new wrinkles and the progression of the wrinkles that are already present.  That being said, if the wrinkles are very deep, sometimes Botox is not enough.  If this is the case, a filler like Juvederm can be used to help plump up the area.  You are correct in assuming that one tube of Juvederm is more than enough for that area.  In our office you most certainly can use the remainder of the filler in another area.  Just check with your doctor to make sure that they are aware of your expectations.

Can Botox be supplemented with Juvederm on the glabella?

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You should check with the physician who treated you to see if he or she will use Juvederm on your glabella and use the leftover on your nasolabial folds.  There is absolutely no issue with using the Juvederm in two different areas, but some physicians may not like to use Juvederm on the glabella.  Personally, it would not be a problem for me to treat your glabella and nasolabial folds with Juvederm.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

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