Has sun exposure/sunbathing after peel, dermapen and laser damaged my skin permanently?

I had a course of light peels,dermapen and laser to reduce old acne scarring. The course ended 3 months ago but I have done a couple more peels at home since then (cosmedix purity peel). I went in the sun for 2 days with factor 30 on. My face is bright red and the scars, which were fading and my complexion was looking great, are now worse- really dark plus new spots are really red and I have patches that look like rashes/aggravated that weren't there before. Is this the sun? What can I do? Help!

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Has sun exposure/sunbathing after peel, dermapen and laser damaged my skin permanently?

Thanks for your query. You probably have had sunburn. Just keep on your skin moisturized and use good spf sunscreen. You can also apply desonide lotion for a faster recovery. Hope it helps.

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Melarase creams and Exilis tissue tightening

Tissue and skin damage can be repaired and tightened with Hidef Exilis and Yag laser combined. For sun damage, try Melarase AM, Melarase PM, and Melapads. 


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Sun damage after peel

I am sure you were advised to avoid direct sun exposure for extended period of time after chemical peel. If you ignored the instructions and had sun exposure you likely have sustained sun damage but since you did not post any pictures, its not possible to comment specifically on your condition.

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