What suggestion would you give to remove keloid? (photos)

Looking for a solution to completely remove this keloid over the years i have tried two surgical procedures that has failed and only enlarged it.

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Treating keloid scarring

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Surgery alone would not be curative. Recurrent keloids that are not responsive to corticosteroids can be treated with surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy which increases the success rate.  

Keloid Scars

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The best way to treat these types of keloids is through a combination of lasers and intralesional cortisone injections.  I find that surgery only makes the problem worse.  Please consult an expert in scars for the best results.  Best, Dr. Green

Scarring on face

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Hello, you have experienced what my clinical opinion is that surgical procedures tend to not improve and sometimes worsen these types of scars. I have had wonderful results using fractional lasers to improve these scars. I recommend seeing a dermatologist with advanced training and access to multiple lasers for best results.

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