What do you suggest for slightly worn down/scooped out appearance bottom front teeth? It's from contact with wire.

Permanent wire,back of top6 front teeth.4 bottom front teeth make contact with this+been worn down. Not sure if was happening when wire initially put in but forsure making contact now w slight scoopedout appearance.Wear clear plastic retainers night/when home (1 top/1 bottom).What should I do/is there anything I can even do about bottom now slightly scooped out bottom 4 front teeth.Can they be built up?Would like have bottom front teeth as straight edge again.I feel it affects my speech a bit

Doctor Answers 1

Options to Consider

First, you need to consider correcting your bite prior to being able to fix the scooped-out appearance of your lower teeth.  Your lower teeth may have erupted over time so that now, they contact the back of your upper teeth and the wire keeping them in position.  The wire is likely causing the worn-out appearance of your lower teeth. Space between your upper and lower teeth needs to be created to allow for restorative material to be placed on your lower teeth (veneers or bondings); only then can proper contact of your upper and lower teeth be established, ultimately providing you with the best long term solution.

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