Anybody who has successfully dissolved voluma and can tell me how they did it?

bn trying to dissolve voluma for 4 mos: treatments spaced 2 wks /10 days apart. (50 cc on on side and 60 on the other) . 1 ml chin, ml .75 uner cheekbone, .25 tmple. on the chin i tried 3 times, twice undiluted (70 units undiluted, 100 units undiluted, 70 diluted on each side ) no visible change. zygomatic arch i tried 12 time ( once undilted ). it is still all there asymmetry & lumps only a minor percentage went away under cheekbones, . How Do those who were successful at dissolving it do it?

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Dissolving Voluma

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I have been injecting Voluma almost 3 years, and have needed to dissolve it one time.  The situation was unique, as the patient was a 26 year old asian man who had a flat face and wanted to try cheekbones.  It was a beautiful result.  In the office he loved it.  He went home, and his friends teased him for doing it, so he came back and asked me to undo it.It took A LOT of hyaluronidase to dissolve it (the brand I use is called Hylenex).  If memory serves me correct, I think it took about 5 entire vials to completely dissolve 2 syringes of Voluma.  Compared to Juvederm, it took much more per volume.   We didn't do it all in one visit, but each time to his satisfaction.  It was relatively easy.  I hope that helps.

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