Can I Have Successful Liposuction with a Little Stretch Marks? (photo)

Hi, I plan to get a fat transfer from my upper and lower abdomen, waist/flanks, lower back/bra rolls to my butt.... Please review my pictures. Do you think I will have a successful liposuction even though I have a few light stretch marks around my belly button ? Also please review my wish pic. Do you think that lipo with or without exercise will help me get that abdomen and waist? Thanks ...

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Brazilian Buttlift with Stretchmarks

     Although stretchmarks are an indicator of loose skin, a physical exam on you may reveal skin with good elasticity.  As far as the wish pic, I think this is reasonable to get the waist and hips.  However, the model in the wish pic has enormous legs, and it gives the illusion that her waist is smaller than it is.

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