6 weeks post op, would Thread Lift be worth the effort? (photos)

I have just seen my surgeon who was hoping for a better result than this but feels it is not advisable to take more lid away. Maybe a little skin on the right to balance things up, although he thinks this may get a little better in coming weeks. He thinks the problem lies with my low brow and has suggested a sillouette soft thread. Reduced fee of $500. I have heard negative views on these thread procedures and am wondering if it is worth the effort! Thoughts please? Rebecca.

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Silhouette Lift: Worth It?

A silhouette lift may very well give you the extra lift you are looking for in your forehead region. It can be easily customized to the patient’s needs and can produce noticeable results with almost no drawbacks. The procedure is entirely non-surgical, and involves zero recovery time. For this reason, it seems as though you have nothing to lose by trying the silhouette lift. If you find that the treatment is not as effective as you have hoped, you may then want to consider more intensive procedures such as injectable fillers or a surgical brow lift.

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