How should I start for fixing my teeth? Braces? Veneers? Anything else? (Photos)

I have i bad smile but i dont have problems with my bite. My teeth are very yellow and i have a big smile showing a lot of tissue. I like to star fixing them and i have quite a lot of budged but i dont know where to start and what should i asked. I want to be well informed before i go to a dentist. Thank you

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Smile transformation

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I would recommend getting a comprehensive exam and making sure your back teeth don't have problems and that you don't have periodontal disease.  For your smile, I would recommend a gingivectomy on the front 4 teeth, between the canines to raise the gum line.  Then I would have your teeth whitened to the color you want.  Then I would put crowns on the teeth between the canines.  I don't like veneers because the retention is not as good as crowns.  Crowns are also stronger and longer lasting.  Remember that whitening systems don't whiten crowns and fillings which is why I would do it before the crowns.

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