Can you have Smart Lipo done on your abs if you have stretch marks and will the result be good or will the skin hang?

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Stretch marks.

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Skin with stretch marks indicates the skin has been damaged.   This does not mean that the skin has no ability to retract after liposuction.  Aggressive liposuction can cause the skin to shrink back over the smaller fat layer and give you a flat belly. Your surgeon can determine how healthy your skin is at the time of consultation.

In person exam

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It's difficult without seeing you in person if liposuction of any type will correct the problem that bothers you. If you have good thick skin elasticity in the area and the area is just fat then Liposuction should definitely address the problem. If there are stretch marks and loose skin, or separation of the underlying muscles that are causing the problem, a tummy tuck would be a better option. See a board certified plastic with an expertise in body contouring in your area for a detailed consultation. They should be able to answer your concerns more specifically. In my practice in the San Francisco Bay Area I have come to the conclusion that the happiest patients are those that have realistic expectation on what a procedure will and won’t do for them. Good luck! 

Dean Vistnes, MD
Vistnes Plastic Surgery
San Francisco Bay Area

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Smart Lipo

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Thank you for your question. Smart Lipo is the premier option for tightening effects in the face. You seem to be a great candidate for SculpSure, a quick comfortable in-office procedure that can eliminate body fat in the flank and abs in a short recovery period. It is a phenomenal option to allow a patient to remain on their normal routine. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Smart lipo

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Will not remove stretch marks, they may improve as a result of skin tightening. An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended to determine if you are a candidate as well as discuss your options and expectations. 

Smartlipo expectations

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Smartlipo is a very useful tool, but if you have a fair amount of stretch marks, this is likely not going to be the procedure for you. You should probably consider tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) instead. Smartlipo in this situation could potentially make your appearance worse in terms of skin excess. I'd suggest meeting w/ a plastic surgeon to discuss in person.

Smartlipo will have no effect on stretch marks

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Smartlipo is great for reducing fat and giving some degree of skin tightening. basically ignore the stretch marks. if you have a lot of loose skin then you need a TT or if you need the muscles tightened. if you just need fat reduced, then Smartlipo is a great choice.
david berman md

Unfortunately probably not

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Good morning Sharon! Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, stretch marks are still one of the most problematic issues that people have as far as effective treatments go. SmartLipo simply will not change them for the better. As far as the remainder of your question, there is not a good way to answer without some photos which can never substitute for a physical examination in providing the correct treatment plan for the individual. It does sound like perhaps a tummy tuck might be in the possibilities of the correct treatment plan for someone who is finished having children and is comfortable with their body weight (and doesn't smoke!). Good luck, -Dr F

Stretch marks on abs

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Generally stretch marks don't retract well with any type of laser or thermal skin tightening procedures, including SmartLipo. Most of the time you need to just do a tummy tuck. Good luck

Will smart lipo affect stretch marks?

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You're asking about several things: fat reduction, stretch marks, and hanging skin. Smart lipo, like any lipo, will reduce fat. Stretch marks will not be improve. Loose hanging skin will not be improved and might even wrinkle worse than before the procedure. Whether or not fat reduction alone will improve your appearance requires a photo to see how much each of these elements factors into your overall appearance and whether or not other factors are involved. Based only on your story, I assume you've had children and probably should consider a tummy tuck as an option.

VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

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If you have stretch marks and loose skin you will need liposuction with skin removal.  I suggest you see an expert to see if you are a candidate.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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