Why do I have a slight asymmetrical eyes and eyebrow? (photos)

On the right side of my face, my eyebrow sits lower and my eye is smaller than my left. Is there a corrective surgery for them? Or what can be done to correct them to make them as symmetrical to each other as possible?

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You are Asian so it is normal for your eyes to be a bit heavier than Western eyelids.

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That means that rushing to do ptosis surgery on the right upper eyelid would not be the first thing to do (not sure it is even an issue).  Studying these pictures, my guess that an actual examination would reveal that it is actually the left upper eyelid that has ptosis.  Here is what is really interesting.  There is no corneal light reflex visible on the left eye in the full face picture without glasses.  Compare that to the right eye that does have a corneal light reflex.  This makes the right eye look brighter than the left eye.  The left eye looks dull and lifeless.  Interestingly, you appear to have a double fold on the left side but not on the right side.  It is a little tricky because in the first picture the light reflex is reversed (this gets sorted out at a consultation). 
So what is going on here?  I suspect you have a levator dehiscence in the left upper eyelid.    In addition with this eyelid weakness, there is loss of support for the upper eyelid lashes on the left side.  These lashes hang down and shade the top of the eye.  You need an anchor blepharoplasty at the time of levator dehiscence repair to correct this.  The other issue here is the other side.  You many need double fold surgery for the right upper eyelid to related a symmetric double fold with exposure of the same amount of upper eyelid platform.  It may also be possible to repair the left upper eyelid and allow the fold to hide the upper eyelid platform -that would be a choice made as part of a detailed pre surgical consultation.

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Why do I have a slight asymmetrical eyes and eyebrow?

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Thank you for your question and photos you look to be a good candidate for eyebrow lefting which will correct your problem of symmetrical.

You have combination eyebrow and eyelid ptosis of the right side.

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Yes, there is right eyelid and eyebrow ptosis seen on these photos. And there is treatment for this this asymmetry. You need to go and see an oculofacial plastic surgeon to have a consultation. There are many ways to fix the eyebrow and eyelid ptosis. they have to evaluate you and discuss the variety of the procedures with you and then you can decide what would be the best way for you.

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asymmetry is the norm, not the exception. If you start looking for it, you will find that almost everyone has it. Enjoy life and don't obsess!

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