Can a skinny banana shape body transform into an hourglass body after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I have a small frame and my frame sadly is banana shaped, I want to know if it's possible with my body to achieve a more hour glass figure (even if it's a thin hour glass figure) with a tummy tuck?! I have lots of excess skin after 118lbs major Weightloss and 2 pregnancies so regardless I will be getting a mommy makeover.

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Wasitline contouring

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Hello and thank you for your question. Selective waistline liposuction with a tummy tuck can dramatically improve your shape.  This can be done through a low and short incision, all completely below the bikini line.  Your muscles can also be plicated resulting in a flat abdomen.  Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and evaluate their results.  The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Tummy tuck and waistline

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Dear Queen,
Although a tummy tuck will improve your waistline somewhat, it will not convert your "banana" to a pear.  Good luck!

Hourgalss figure

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If you never had a waist it is unlikely that you will get one after a tummy tuck. But you need an in person consultation to know for sure. 

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