What causes skin growth in vaginal opening? (photo)

I have discovered a skin growth in the opening of my vagina 2 weeks ago. Its color is just like the color of a skin, it is not painful nor burning. I am worried what causes the growth of this. I appreciate your answers.

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Skin growth at opening of vagina

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Thank you for sharing but the picture is very hard to decipher.

I would strongly adviser a proper Gyn evaluation to make sure it is nothing to be concerned about.

What is this growth on my labia from two weeks ago?

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The photo is not clear but new growths are concerning for condylmata or genital warts.  I cannot tell for sure by looking at the photo but skin tags generally don't suddenly appear.  This can be removed and sent to pathology for biopsy.  Hopefully its not but you will need to see a gynecologist.  

Vulvar skin tag/growth

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It is difficult to tell from your photo what the skin growth could be. You should see a gynecologist or woman's health clinic to exclude any infectious or pathologic process. 

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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Photo is not helpful

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Mostly likely a  hymenal remnant but I agree with Dr Pelosi please seek out the help of your gynecologist.

John R Miklos MD

Skin growths in the vaginal area can be something to worry about sometimes

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Go see your gynecologist. From the photo it is unclear whether you have a hymenal tag or something else. If it's a tag, there is nothing to worry about.

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