I'm 5'3 and weigh 105. What size breast implants can I get? Please answer in actual band and cup sizes.

My age is 20. I am considering breast implants.

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What cup and band size can I get?

Unfortunately, there isn't any experienced plastic surgeon who does breast augmentations on a regular basis will give you the answer that you're looking for.  While we could safely predict the appearance of our breast based on our tissue planning, your chest wall measurements, and digital imaging, cup and band size are very variable.  Bras will differ in sizing depending on brand and style.  Victoria's Secret bra will fit differently and may be a different size then a bra from Target.  

Your best option is to visit a surgeon who can give you digital simulations of your actual breasts and how they would appear with different implants.  Then you could choose to proceed if you like what you see.  Then after everything is done you can go shopping for bras and be sized appropriately.

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Breast Augmentation - Size Selection

Thank you for your question. "Tissue based planning" relies on your chest and breast measurements and is the safest way to ensure good long term results. Your surgeon should determine what size and projection are necessary to give you your desired result based on your body's measurements. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic breast surgery. Hope this helps and good luck with your surgery.

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Implant sizing

Sizing is an art form and it definitely can't be done simply by knowing height, weight and bra size. There are so many considerations in terms of your frame, skin thickness, desired placement, type of implant and surgical goals.  See a board certified plastic surgeon who can take the time to review all of these issues to enable you to form a surgical plan

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Photos for better advices

Thanks for sharing your question. I recommend you to send your photos to us to tell you what volume and type of implants are the best for you. 

Kind regards

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Breast implant million dollar question

you have asked the ultimate challenging question cup size after breast augmentation. I use three methods to help determine what implants will satisfy a patients needs. First what size and cup do you want to be?? Second in a tight bra we try on implants till I see a Cheshire Cat smile on my patients face, that usually indicates the sweet spot if satisfaction. Third we confirm expectations with the Vectra 3 dimensional imaging. Fourth we look at pictures of real patients compared to those of the prospective patient. Realizing the time this takes I do not recommend free consults. We charge a minimum of 100 that can be applied to the surgery. See a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon in consultation.  Good luck.  

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Breast implant sizes

Although height and weight may be considered, breast implant sizes are primarily based on measurements related to chest size.  Determining what implant Will best suit you always requires a conversation with your plastic surgeon about your goals, and only after an in-person history and physical is performed.  In order to get a qualified, ethical, and expert opinion on your surgical options and expectations, always have an in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Breast Implant Size

Thank you for your question.

If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, the best recommendation will come from an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation procedures.  While I can appreciate your desire for a definitive implant size recommendation, it is impossible for me, or any other surgeon, to recommend any implant size or cup size based upon height and weight only.  A consultation and physical exam would be necessary as it allows the chosen surgeon to measure the breasts and chest wall, discuss your desired breast size, and evaluate your current breasts and amount of soft tissue coverage, all of which will ultimately help determine what size, shape and profile implant is the right selection for you.  

In my experience, the best cosmetic results come about as the result of lengthy conversations pre-operatively with regards to what the patients cosmetic goals are, what limitations there are to achieving the desired result (if any), and a deliberate discussion of why a specific implant would work best for the patient.  It is never a good idea to walk into a plastic surgeons office and just rely on their judgement as the definition of an ideal breast (in both size and shape) is not a universal ideal, rather it is very patient specific and individualized.  

I hope you find this helpful and I wish you the best.

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Breast implants

In order to properly size you, you will need to be seen in person to get measured correctly. It will also depend upon your goals as well. Best of luck.

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I'm 5'3 and weigh 105. What size breast implants can I get? Please answer in actual band and cup sizes.

You will need to have the base width of your breast measured to select an appropriate breast implant size. You can try the Rice test at home to see how various cc sizes look on you. See the link below to learn how to do the Rice test

Breast augmentation question

Unfortunately, your height and weight do not provide enough information for anybody to guess what size breast implant would be appropriate for you. The best size breast implant for you depends on your goals,  the characteristics of your breasts and skin to start with and measurements of your chest wall. A consultation is required to figure this out.

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