Can I get that sharp/angular high cheekbone with voluma?

I am in my late 20's and have had two half syringes of voluma put in each cheek over the past year, while I really I dont need it much for correction, I want a different look, I feel 1) it fades fast 2) I want that super sharp angular look! Can I achieve this with voluma? Is there a technique that I should mention to my PS to use to achieve this? She is great- I just now realized I want the sharp look? I was thinking radiesse but thats too permanent. What are your thoughts ? thank you!

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Results can be achieved with Voluma or Radiesse

Hi Roxyj, Voluma and Radiesse are both great products used to fill the cheek area. It is very important that you express to your provider exactly the look you are wanting, this will help the injector to have a better understanding of your expectations. You can achieve that look with both fillers. If you feel that Voluma did not last as long, give Radiesse a try. You can always start with one syringe and add additional syringes as needed. Best to you!

Ladera Ranch OB/GYN
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Voluma & Radiesse both work

Both Voluma and Radiesse will work to achieve your desired result. However, be certain that you are clearly expressing your desires to your surgeon. This may be a simple case of miscommunication. 


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
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Voluma Can Build Sharp Cheekbones

Voluma is an excellent way to build up sharper and higher cheekbones for a more sophisticated look. You can create lift and definition gradually, too, adding more volume as necessary rather than building up too much too quickly. The same can be accomplished with Radiesse.  It really comes down to the expertise of the provider.  Be sure to consult with a board-certified dermatologist who has expertise in facial sculpting so you can get the look you want.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma can certainly be used to achieve a more defined look for the cheeks.

Voluma can certainly be used to achieve a more defined look for the cheeks. You will probably need more volume than just 1/2 a syringe to each cheek can provide. I would go back to your provider and discuss with her in detail the look that you are going for, so that they can give you the amount and placement required to achieve the results you want. Make sure that you are visiting a board-certified dermatologist with experience in sculpting the cheekbones!

Margaret Weiss, MD
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Voluma for facial volume

It is possible to use Voluma in certain key areas to define the cheek bone but better definition might be accomplished by injecting a different filler, such as Juvederm Ultra or Restylane, that can be injected not as deeply as Voluma to provide a more sculpted, rather than a generalized fuller, appearance.  Radiesse typically lasts less than a year, and Voluma often lasts more than a year.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma for cheek bones

If you feel that your results are inadequate, you need to discuss that with your physician.  It may just require more voluma.  However, if the issue is that you require more lift to get those results, you may want to try Radiesse (+) which is stiffer but still integrates well into the skin and stimulates collagen as it is resorbed.  Note that Radiesse is not 'more permanent'.  Like voluma, radiesse is a temporary filler.  The difference is that CaHA (radiesse) cannot be dissolved by injections of hyaluronidase while voluma can be (although it takes more hyaluronidase to dissolve voluma than other HA gel fillers)

Presumably your surgeon is an expert at injecting and has chosen the product and technique she thinks is best for your needs.  So the next step is to discuss your ideal aesthetic outcome and your concerns with her at your next appointment.

I hope this answers your question. Best wishes!

Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Thank you for your question and sorry to hear that you have not quite achieved your desired look with Voluma.  The look you are describing can certainly be achieved with Voluma.  Please be sure to fully explain your goals and expectations to your plastic surgeon.  It may be that more product will be required to achieve your desired goals.  Best wishes! 

Christian N. Ford, MD
Cohasset Physician
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Defining your cheek bones

Thank you for your question. Voluma tends to give a softer look - fillers with a little more "oomph" can give you a sharper look. Restylane Lyft has a little more lift than Voluma, and Radiesse has the most lift. Radiesse is not permanent; it just lasts a little longer, and cannot easily be dissolved if you do not like the results. However, if you have a discussion with your injector, ask him or her to really just inject on the cheek bone itself to exaggerate this feature. Any of the above-mentioned fillers will work, but for a more defined look, I tend to go with Radiesse. Best of luck! 

Anthony J. Taglienti, MD
Smithtown Plastic Surgeon
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Super Angular Look with Voluma

Voluma is a fantastic product and you can create beautiful high cheekbones with this product.  It was designed for the mid-face.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Angular Cheeks

Voluma is an excellent long lasting filler for cheek augmentation. It is possible to create a sharper contour and perhaps you need to share your aesthetic eye with your doctor. If Voluma doesn't give you the look you desire you may try another long acting hyaluronic acid (HA), Restylane Lyft is an alternative, which is a stiffer product and could give the result you are describing. All of the HA fillers have specific properties which make them unique and may be used as an additional option. Be sure to discuss with you doctor what you are trying to achieve and always use a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist
Best of Luck 

Lee A. Gibstein, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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