What is the right setting on GentleMax that I should ask for (for facial hair)?

I am a female, aged 23 and South Asian ethnicity. My skin is light, tans easily with slight burns within 30 mins, longer than that causes a painful burn. My hair is very dark with medium thickness. I had 3 sessions with Soprano Ice without prominent results & 3 more with GentleMax, results are still not impressive. I would say by now my hair hair regrowth has only reduced by 30-40%. I am really confused and concerned whether my dermatologist is using the right settings for me, please help.

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I understand your dilemma. Unfortunately, correct settings cannot be determined completely with the information you provide.  A crucial component is the response of your skin to the appropriate starting settings as the treatment is performed.

Usually, small red bumps that are transient form during or just after the treatment in the follicles that have received an adequate irradiance of laser energy.  And the certified medical assistant who is well-trained and experienced in laser hair removal will see fizzing of the shaft of the hairs within the follicles.

If you have timed your treatments appropriately, depending upon the areas(s) being treated, after three treatments you might see 60 to 80 % reductions in the numbers of hairs.

GentleMax is good for darker skin types especially with coarse hairs but GentleLase hurts a little less and is better for finer hairs, while easily treating coarse hairs as well, and works well in Asian skin types. However, an experienced technician should be able to change the settings of the GentleMax to get finer hairs as well ( eg use a smaller spot size at higher energy).

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Laser Hair Removal and Asian Skin

An in office consultation is the only way to know which settings are best for you. I suggest you consult a dermatologist who does a great deal of laser hair removal particularly in Asian skin. Best, Dr. Green

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