Is it possible to get a seroma 3 years after face surgery?

i had voluma 2.5 mos ago. overfilled. cannot get rid of it. i have this circle that wont go away andcmy face still puffy. dr said i might have a seroma where i had surgery and hematoma yearsxago whose pocked may ne reopen after getting fillers.

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Full Face

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Thank you for you question. Did you try Vitrase. It has excellent results in dissolving HA fillers (Voluma) and works very quickly. The chance of having a spontaneous serum years after surgery are extremely unlikely. An ultrasound would define this easily and is noninvasive. It is more likely the filler persisting and potentially inflammation related to the product. I hope this gives some initial direction
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Seroma & Voluma

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I would think it highly unlikely that you would develop a seroma 3 years after surgery. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get an ultrasound to determine exactly what is going on? You may then need to have the Voluma reversed but your surgeon will be the best one to determine this. 


Kouros Azar

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