What keeps my 1cm strut strongly in place like my septum was strongly in place before rhinoplasty?

Docs I have a question about septum. I have a one cm l strut septum left. When you harvest the septum for grafts... Do you take that whole rectangular septum piece out and cut it or do you cut what you need and the rest stays in plays. What keeps my 1cm l strut strongly in place like my septum was strongly in place before rhinoplasty. I am just confused how it stays in place?

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L strut after septum harvest

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The support provided by the septum comes from the L-shaped portion at its most upper (dorsal) and front (caudal) parts. As long as this section of cartilage is preserved (or reconstructed as part of a complex rhinoplasty) then septal support is adequate. The L-strut is anchored in place by anatomic attachments at the nasal bones (keystone area) and floor of the nose (anterior nasal spine). These attachments keep it from moving. The rest of the septal cartilage can be used as necessary.

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

L strut

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It is an l strut that is left. Some surgeons will use what they need and put the extra back, and others will discard the extra if there is any left.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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