Seeking experienced NYC doctor who is very skilled in restylane injections under the eye?

did restylane under eyes for yrs (never a problem). 1st problem may: bc my usual dr was on vacation i used belotero who left me with bags. a dr fixed it with hyalouronidase. 2 mos later , my usual dr injected me with juvederm: tyndall and lumps. 3 wks later different dr injected me hyaluronidase then belotero.. tyndall bc she placed belotero superficially . dissolved and waited / months. finally a dr who does a ok job but . when he used it on an imperfection near eye and all my resty gone
Here's a link to doctors in your area.

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Restylane and under eye area

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Restylane injections under the year area is a very nice technique to make you look more youthful.  Juvederm is too thick for that area.  I would suggest either Belotero or Restylane for the best natural cosmetic results.

Belotero may be an option

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There are many qualified Board certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons or oculoplastic surgeons that have the experience to inject Belotero or Restylane in certain challenging areas. This area must be treated with someone with expertise or an undesirable result may result. I would suggest going to manufacturers website and search by zip code with above qualifications. 

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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