Who do I see for scar from angular chelitis - cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon? (before)

I cut my lip from flossing and it ended up being something similar to angular chelitis. I saw a dermatologist that gave me some steriod / anti fungal cream. Now I have a small scar from the cut and also some extra skin tissue in the area. How long should I wait for something like this to see if it heals completely? And should I see a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon? Is laser or some scapula treament an option? I don't want botox, I want something more permanent to help.

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Hi JK.  You should not see anyone at this time.  You should use some nice lip balm or petroleum jelly and let this area heal completely without picking it.  We are confident that if you leave it alone for a period of weeks or months, while keeping it nicely moisturized that everything will heal fine without any intervention.  

The body does a great job on it's own, but you need to give it time to work.  Good luck.

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