Would SculpSure be a possible fix for hard, tender lump on abdomen 1.5 years post-lipo?

I had liposuction of the abdomen a year and a half ago which resulted in a hard, tender 5-inch horizontal lump above my belly button. I tried CoolSculpting to get rid of it but it didn't work and I ended up developing debilitating neuropathy. Would Sculpsure be a possible fix for this unsightly problem? I'm even more unhappy with how my stomach looks now than I was before the surgery & only wear flowy tops & extra large swimsuits. It looks like a fat roll where one should not exist!

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Thank you for your question. SculpSure attacks and destroys the actual fat cells. It does not physically remove any lumps or bumps. I suggest that you next consult in person with a board certified surgeon.

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SculpSure only targets fat cells

This situation sounds like scar tissue or hyperplasia which can sometimes develop after CoolSculpting.  The laser from SculpSure only targets fat and would not be helpful in this situation.

David Finkle, MD
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Lump Complication from Liposuction and CoolSculpting. Will SculpSure Help?

Definitely not. Sorry to hear you developed this problem, which is likely a fibrous scar from fat necrosis. Using SculpSure is only for fat, and would not be indicated for an area with scar tissue. Too much heat could develop in the lump and further injury occur.  A five inch lump should probably be surgically removed.  It might be possible to remove it with a limited incision or an incision in the belly button. But you should be seen by an experienced plastic surgeon to evaluate possible treatment.

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Would SculpSure be a possible fix for hard, tender lump on abdomen 1.5 years post-lipo?

Based on your description, it does not sound like SculpSure would be a good option to treat the area.  Firmness after liposuction is likely scar tissue rather than residual fat.  SculpSure (and CoolSculpting) is meant to treat fat.  Make sure you are evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon to help determine the best approach to this area.

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I do not understand the neuropathy link to what you have had done. If cool sculpting didn't work, SculpSure might not either. Is this fat or loose abdominal wall?

Hard tissue reaction

Dear Patient, 

thank you very much for the question. SculpSure is high-tech laser treatment of non-invasive lipolysis which needs to be done by a professional.  It is hard to say something without any photograph. You may get this treatment, it may also be couple of treatments but unfortunately to say you may not have it on your scar since those scar area will be extremely sensitive. By the way this 5-inch horizontal lump may be the hard tissue reaction without any fat. I strongly recommend you to visit a professional Plastic Surgeon who works with SculpSure. Only after that you may do right decision. Good luck and greetings from Istanbul, TT

Tunc Tiryaki, MD
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Liposuction abdominal lump

Sorry to hear about your belly. Before you embark on another procedure it is important to get an evaluation to make sure this is adipose tissue( fat) versus scarring. After surgical intervention the body tries to heal and develops adhesions or scars that can look lumpy or be hard. Sculpture is a great laser therapy for removing fat and not necessarily fixing abnormalities. Meet with your doctor for a good exam.

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