Had Sclerotherapy procedure yesterday, today my left leg hurts and there's a black spot like a burn, should I be worried?(photo)

It hurts a lot.. I am very concerned.. Attaching my picture. I need advise pls

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Sclerotherapy bad result

Although it is difficult to reasonably evaluate I would definitely return to the treating physician.  One day after injection I would expect some redness and mild discomfort.  This looks like an hematoma with excessive erythema or reaction to the injection.  Most likely related to a poorly placed sclerosant.   Early treatment is key to keep from having ulceration and scarring.  

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Not typical

That's not a typical appearance after sclerotherapy and as stated by others it should be evaluated by your treating physician.

Aaron Shiloh, MD
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This looks like the solution was caustic and leaked out of the vein and into the tissue.  It is similar to a burn in the area and destroys the tissue.   I would return to your doctor and show them and ask for assistance.  Sometimes these take a while to heal and may need some wound care.  If just superficial it may be very sore and slough off the surface.  

Susan Fox, DO
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Thank you for your question.

I advise you to follow up with your physician today.  You might have some bleeding under the skin.  I always advise my patients to wear compression stockings for three days after sclerotherapy.  


Dr. Ariel Ostad. 

Ariel Ostad, MD
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Pain after sclerotherapy

You should see your doctor soon.  This looks like the medication was injected outside of the vein.  The area may need to be drained or debrided.  I also would recommend a course of steroids to reduce the pain and stop the inflammatory process as soon as possible to prevent more damage.  This with pain medications in the short term.

Best of luck,

Dr. Powell

Scott Powell, MD
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Post sclerotherapy complication

Your leg absolutely should not look like that after sclerotherapy.  You need to be reevaluated and followed to see if it worsens over time.  Please call your treating physician to be seen soon.

Lisa Perez, MD
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Definitely go see your provider.  Without knowing what agent was used for your sclerotherapy, it is difficult to say exactly what that lesion is.  If it is skin necrosis, though, early treatment can minimize any permanent damage.  If it is a simple collection of blood under the skin, draining it may make it more comfortable.  Either way, take the time to go see your provider ASAP.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

Sclerotherapy problem

I agree with the answer below.  You should definitely have your treating doctor look at it.  It is often difficult to tell from a photograph what is going on.  It could be an area of skin necrosis, which can occur if the sclerosing medications leaks from the vein into the surrounding tissue. If that occurs if can cause a wound that can take some time to heal and may require some wound care.

Jeffrey Gosin, MD, FACS
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Post sclerotherapy clots.

The posted picture looks like a hematoma (blood under the skin) with surrounding redness.  I would have your treating physician look at this.  This may need to be drained. At the very minimum your physician, by looking at it, will have a baseline to follow its progress.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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