My scar is atrophic and has widened. Is the result of my scar is due to nature of my injury? (photos)

I have posted an image of my injury and scar after two months. My scar is atrophic and has widened. It does not look anything like conventional scars I come across. Is the result of my scar is due to nature of my injury? My wound was quite think and it was stitched up by an ER doc (4 stitches) without any layered closure. Could that be why my scar has turned out this way? Did the space beneath the stitched epidermis cause the scar to widen? Also when and what sort of revision should I do? Thanks

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Scar revision options

There are a few options you have to improve the appearance of your scar. Lasers can be used to help blend the scar and reduce the redness in it. It will take a series of treatments will stepwise improvement with each treatment. The side effects are minimal when used in properly trained hands and the results can be very impressive without any cutting. Scar excision and revision is another option where the scar is cut out and re-stitched. The goal is to leave a better appearing scar in place of the one you have but the risks are higher including infection, scarring and displacement of your eyebrow. Good luck.

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