What are safe alternatives to buccal fat removal/reduction for facial definition?

I'm 30 but I have a very heavy lower face due to a wide jaw, midface hypoplasia, thick skin & what I suspect to be big fat pads. As a result it looks like I have no cheek definition,just a wide jaw. I want a slimmer lower face & subtly pronounced cheekbones. What can I use as an alternative to buccal fat pad removal? Kybella? Ultratherapy? Sculptra? Is there anything that is less dangerous than permanent removal/implants? #buccal fat pad #alternatives #sculptra #ultratherapy

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What are safe alternatives to buccal fat removal = basically none #buccalfatremoval

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Chubby cheeks are caused by enlarged buccal fat pads. Buccal fat removal is the safest procedure to remove buccal fat. Other procedures that could remove fat like liposuction or direct transcutaneous (through the skin) fat excision are less safer alternatives to buccal fat removal since they can damage the nerves that controls the movement of the face (facial nerve)

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