I've had two Rhinoplasty surgeries, but the tip is still unattractive... Any suggestions? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty in 2014 (first surgery was in 2007). The surgeon removed excess fat and apparently shaped a flattering and demure-looking tip with grafting. Two years later, he now concurs with me that it didn't turn out well; the tip still looks bulbous and swollen. The problem seems to be thick skin. If it's true that there's no further fat in my tip (which my surgeon says is the case), is there anything that can be done to fix my bulbous tip? So unhappy and frustrated.

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Postoperative bulbous tip revision rhinoplasty

A bulbous tip can happen with scar tissue formation over a period of a few months after a rhinoplasty.  In cases like this it is imperative to start steroid injections starting 1 month after surgery and continue to do those for about 6 months.
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