Rhinoplasty to smooth down bumps and straighten nose + possible 'chin job'? (Photo)

I would like to have a rhinoplasty to straighten my nose from the side profile, 3/4 angles, and the front. I have a slight bump on the bridge and a concaveness present just below the bridge and just above the tip. The right side (my right) tip cartilage sticks out as a result. I am unsure as to what that would entail. I also think my chin is somewhat under projected, both horizontally as well as vertically. Am I correct in this assessment, and if so, what can be done about it?

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Rhinoplasty plus chin augmentation...

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It looks like you have analyzed yourself pretty well. From your photo your chin does look a bit underprojected, but I would have to see you in person to say for sure. But enhancing the chin can make a larger nose appear smaller. The bump should be able to be taken down so it looks smooth from the side and 3/4 views. Be sure to go to a couple rhinoplasty specialists for consultation.

Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation: Achieving Harmony and Balance is Key

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Thank you for your question regarding Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) and Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty). In looking at your photos, I can see what your concern is regarding the bump on the bridge of your nose and the concavity toward the nasal tip. It is a bit difficult to see whether your chin is under projected from your photos, however, many patients that have rhinoplasty surgery also discuss their unhappiness with their chin. Achieving harmony and balance with your facial structure is paramount to having a post-surgical result you desire. One of the unique benefits our practice offers to patients, is computer imaging. This is very helpful in determining and setting your expectation for the issues that concern you. 

I always advise patients to consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon when you are considering rhinoplasty or anything related to modifying and enhancing your facial features. Board certification in plastic surgery matters. Facial plastic surgery is an art and the goal is to achieve a look that fits your individual face. 

I wish you the best as you research your options and I have included a website link and video that will hopefully provide you with more information and help guide you in the right direction.


Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sidewall bumps and rhinoplasty

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correcting bumps on 3/4 view involves 2 necessary maneuvers. First, remember that contours are relative: a bump is accentuated by a valley adjacent and vice versa. Correcting this issue involves using spreader grafts to support the cartilage collapse below AND polishing/narrowing the bone above. If smoothness is desired, temporalis graft overlay can be beneficial. In terms of the other question, your chin does not seem underprojected to me. You have a deep labiomandibular sulcus, which is best treated with filler. You also have a deep radix, which should be considered in deciding on the height of your profile during consultation. 

Richard W. Westreich, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and chin?

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A rhinoplasty can definitely improve your appearance. A chin implant can add length, it will not add vertical height to the chin. A sliding genioplasty with grafting can add height.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty To Straighten Nose and Smooth Bump - Plus Chin Implant

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You have a very perceptive understanding of your anatomy and your assessment of smoothing your nasal bump, making the cartilage more even, and improving the projection of your chin in an effort to create better facial harmony is indeed a good assessment. A rhinoplasty and a chin implant would be the procedures that would address your concerns to improve your facial balance and aesthetic. You have excellent facial features, and anything short of a natural looking, appropriate nose and chin would be a travesty. I suggest you make an appointment for an in-office consultation. 

Closed rhinoplasty, some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.

The harmony between facial parts makes us instinctively recognize the beauty... without knowing it, without defining it, just a perception that surprises and captivates us.

In this regard, I suggest perform a Closed Rhinoplasty (without visible scars) to treat the tip, base and nasal bridge.
With this procedure you get a delicate nose, better harmonize with your other facial features.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty to smooth down bumps and straighten the nose plus possible chin job

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A rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish shaving down the dorsal hump which is composed of both bone and cartilage. The depressions between the hump and the tip are slightly concave upper lateral cartilages, for which spreader graft placement can improve. Osteotomies of the nasal bones are also required after the hump removal. Placement of a chin implant will help significantly with facial balance and proportions, especially with respect to the overly projecting nose. Chin implants are manufactured in a large array of sizes and shapes and are usually placed through small incision underneath the chin. They can be performed as a standalone procedure under local anesthesia, or under general anesthesia with the rhinoplasty.  For more information,  and many examples of this combination, please see the link and the video below

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and chin implant can be done at the same setting.  If the appearance of your nose concerns you enough, it can be improved with rhinoplasty. Whether it is worth doing is a personal decision that only you can make. A receding chin can be improved with a natural appearing chin implant. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person evaluation.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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A rhinoplasty can certainly improve the look of your nose. My best advice would be for you to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to be assessed in person. Determining the right course of action definitely requires an in person exam. In terms of your chin, it is certainly possible to perform a chin implant, but you might find that with a "new" nose, your chin isn't so bothersome. Changing the nose really does change the entire face.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty to smooth down bumps and straighten nose + possible 'chin job'? (Photo)

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Your goals are achievable and well within the realm of a standard rhinoplasty. In men, some degree of bump on the nose is acceptable and in fact desirable so you don't want to have that straightened completely. Chin judgement is up to you but in men the chin can project out to the lower lip so if it bothered you a chin implant or fillers to bring out the chin are both reasonable (but again not necessary per se unless you are bothered). Hope that helps!

Jeffrey Watson, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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