Rhinoplasty post-op anatomy; can this little gap be fixed with osteotomies?

Hello docs kinda worried... I had a dorsal hump removal and unfortunately had to have a revision. Anyway, I feel that where the hump was removed all I feel is bone now with a slight slight space where my fingernail can barely fit into it. pre op it felt more cushiony more tissue like and so on. Is this very common now that it is pretty much just bone. I am talking about half of my nose and up so like the upper 1 third. Also can this little gap be fixed with osteotomies? will be getting revision

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Gap in dorsum

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The slight gap may be where the bone was taken down. Often this fills in as the bones heal. Best of luck.

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Gaps and irregularities after rhinoplasty

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It is expected that after rhinoplasty, every patient will be able to feel irregularities along the bridge of the nose in particular. So this in and of itself is nothing to worry about! Over time, it becomes visible to a meaningful degree, then perhaps a discussion of the pros and cons of revision could make sense. Till then its really premature, so I suggest you try not to pay attention to it if you can! Best of luck.

Patrick J. Byrne, MD, FACS
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