Rhinoplasty bridge bone feeling?

I am almost 1 year post op and have always been curious. Btw my doc says this is fine. I got a rhinoplasty and needed a dorsal hump removed. I remember when I felt my hump or pushed on it it had a certain cushiony tissuey pre op feeling. Now when I feel where the hump was removed I just feel the two distinct bone lines. doctors is this common in many of your patients and is it normal to only feel bone now. Is it because what was removed cushioned it? I am just worried its feels weird

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The bridge

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The bridge of the nose can be made of cartilage (somewhat cushiony) or bone (firm). When the hump is taken down, the bone can be palpable. The bone is not solid. Rather, then nasal bone is like an A-frame house. When you take off the roof, you feel the side walls of the house from above. This is the sensation that you are describing. If you are satisfied with the look of your nose, then there is nothing to worry about... just try to stop feeling your nose.  If you feel your bridge is wide, then there is possibly an option to tip the bones to midline via osteotomies which would narrow the bridge and reduce this sensation (close the open roof) but would require additional surgery.

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