How can I make sure I choose the right doctor for revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am a 30 year old healthy female,I'v underwent primary Rhinoplasty in the middle east 2 years back.The results were horrific. I've done an extensive research about many doctors incl. Dr.Toriumi, Dr.Rohrich, Dr. Guyron, Dr.Ghavami, but there were always bad reviews that left me feeling negative. I flew to USA all the way through continents just for this. I am planning to do as many consultations as possible,but I need your advise on whom to start with as all the big names have deep bad reviews.

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How can I make sure I choose the right doctor for revision rhinoplasty?

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 Almost every busy rhinoplasty surgeon has negative reviews due to multiple factors including unrealistic expectations, the three-dimensional healing process of the nose,  and body dysmorphia. Look for a surgeon who has dedicated a significant component of their practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty, performs them often on a weekly basis and has done so for a decade or more. Chances are the they have produced lots of excellent results.  Remember, there is no perfect nose, just improvement. Study their  before and after photo gallery closely.

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The internet is a double edged sword for rhinoplasty surgeons.  The nose is unique in plastic surgery because modification of it can really change a person's facial gestalt.  Motivations for rhinoplasty are sometimes questionable.  For example, a patient who has had a traumatic relationship with their father winds up with her father's nose.  She wants rhinoplasty to "purge" her father from her life.  No matter how good the surgery goes, she will not be happy.   I'm talking extremes, but the point is that rhinoplasty can be a very emotional operation.  Therefore, I think surgeons who perform lots of rhinoplasties are open to critique by patients who are projecting negativity unfairly based on emotion.  Also, rhinoplasty is hard.  Anyone who says otherwise doesn't do enough surgeries.  There are times that the best surgeons in the world just don't hit the bullseye.  So... when you look at reviews, take the overall picture into account.  You should probably eliminate the top and bottom 5% of reviews and concentrate on realistic, fair reviews.  You are doing the right thing by meeting with multiple surgeons.  Look at before and after photos also.  Good luck.

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Oh, boy, tough question. You just have to keep doing your research.

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I'm sure most responders will tell you that every doctor will have some negative reviews. But if you read some negative reviews that really turn you off, I know, I know, it's hard to ignore them. You have to assess for yourself how important they are.

See if the doctor has some before and afters that really connect with you. Send him your photos, and ask for some morphs, and see if his idea of what can be done in his hands fits with (most of) what you want for yourself.

Read the "Web reference" link, just below this post. I have a little section on how to pick a plastic surgeon: see if anything in that discussion connects with something you can do to pick a doctor and get comfortable with your decision.

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You may choose a rhinoplasty specilaist after seeing credentials, reviews, and favorable before&after photos.

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The photo of the lower third of your nose appears to show nostril retraction and nostril asymmetry. In many instances, nostril lowering and symmetry may be improved with Silikon-1000 injections - an off label filler for permanent results. Wishing you well. Dr Joseph

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There really isn't a great answer to what you are looking for.....the TRUTH is that there are several excellent revision rhinoplasty surgeons BUT many more that are NOT.... much of what you read and see online and in print is not necessarily accurate or helpful...from the limited picture you sent, it appears that you have had an open rhinoplasty and alar base resection that has yielded poor tip definition, asymmetry and too much narrowing

Like most patients with unsatisfactory rhinoplasties, its most likely that there are constructive solutions to your destructive problems....the difficult part is that you have to take your time and find a surgeon who has the experience and judgement to take on your revision so that you can be happy and finished with your journey....visit several board certified plastic surgeons that specialize in revision need a thorough evaluation and sure that your surgeon has a practice focused on rhinoplasty and that they do a significant amount of revisions 

Good luck

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