Revision rhinoplasty swelling. Second revision. How long will it take to see most of the results?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (open) done w/ rib cartilage graft 8 weeks ago to correct a very upturned nose. I had a primary rhinoplasty done with an osteotomy, reduce the alar base, and correct a deviated septum two years ago and another short nose correction done 7 months ago (it helped, but did not give enough correction). I am a male with quite thick nasal skin. Given my history, how will it take to see most of the results? I see no change so far and am getting a bit concerned.

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Revision rhinoplasty swelling

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It’s certainly a little early to make any predictions. Give yourself at least 10-12 more months to see final results. Your surgeon may decide to give you a kenelog injection at some point to help with the swelling. 

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Revision results

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It might take a year or more for all the swelling to subside before you see the final result. Best of luck.

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