What's the best way to retain most of my Fat Graft post procedure?

I've read lots of posts on here and posted a few of my own. This is my 2nd fat transfer procedure done in an attempt to correct 2 originally botched gynecomastia surgeries. I'm hoping very much I won't need another procedure. So I am 6-days post op and everything looks initially good, but I am looking in the mirror each day detecting subtle loss and not going about my daily activities because I feel as though too much motion or activity is going to make things worse. Thoughts? More so on easing my mind?

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Fat grafting

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Fat grafting is not an exact science and not all fat "takes"  when it is grafted.  It sometimes does take multiple treatments.

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Fat Transfer

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Thank you for posting your question. Transferred fat survival rate depends on not only the physician's techniques but also each individual's body. Different bodies respond to the procedure and transferred fat differently, but on average half of the transferred fat is eventually reabsorbed. Best of luck. 

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