Resolution of inflammatory nodule after filler?

I had a well known brand of an HA filler under the eye 3 months ago. Now I developed an inflammatory nodule under my left eye - it's tender, red, swollen and painful, about 5mm long. The wound is sterile. Do these nodules tend to resolve on their own? I understand treatment is antiobiotics, steroidal injections into the lesion or oral steroids. I would like to avoid any of these if possible. Is there a hope that the infected nodule would resolve on its own?

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Inflammatory nodule

There is a very low incidence of inflammatory nodules associated with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers. This is basically a foreign body reaction. You're right in that antibiotics have been reported to improve this hypersensitivity reaction. Topical or oral corticosteroids or even corticosteroids injected into the lesion can also help as can hyaluronidase injected into the lesion. Sometimes these lesions can resolve on their own. You should return to the Doctor who placed the hyaluronic acid to seek a definitive resolution.

Honolulu Family Physician

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