How can I remove 2 juvederm syringes before fat grafting used to conseal facelift irregularities and scarring?

hi, had a facelift. 4 mos post op. facelift left me w. adhision. had three sterid injections spread 1 m apart. used juvederm to conceal then and now i have a lump of juvederm that i can feel not see (there was deep depression ,used a lot). i want to do fat transfer for volume and to conceal irregularitirs. can i melt all that juve w. hyalurinidase? a ps said i shouldnt and wants to do fat transfer on top of it.

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Yes, you can remove the product with hyaluronidase

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Yes, you can remove the product with hyaluronidase. You may require a couple treatments, so ensure you allow enough time for this before the fat transfer.

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Filler and facelift issue

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Personally, and each surgeon is different, I like to see the complete defect before fat grafting. It makes sense to me to then fill the area once the material has dissolved are resorbs.  However, layering may not be a bad idea either if the change is gradual.

Steven Wallach, MD
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