What is the best way to remove/conceal dark spots on teeth where enamel has been worn off? (photo)

I recently noticed some discoloration on my teeth (mostly in between my two top front teeth and on the front of the same teeth), which I think is related to the enamel in those spots being scratched. Is it possible to address this kind of discoloration with professional whitening or filing down the surface of the teeth? If not, what is the best alternative-- bonding, veneers, etc.? How much would these various treatments cost?

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Stains, straight teeth

Dear sj750: The stains that you have can easily be cleaned with a machine called jet polisher or prophy jet. Ask your dentist about it. In addition the minor indentations in your teeth can be filled in with a little bit of composite bonding.   No further treatment is necessary. The only thing you could add is having your teeth straightened with Invisalign Orthodontics.  Straighten teeth accumulate much less stain and are much easier to clean.
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