Red, bumpy facial skin two months after Fraxel treatment. Is there something wrong? Will this fade eventually?

I had fraxel on my face two months ago. My skin appears to have a kind of cobblestone feel and look, and it is still red, somewhat splotchy. I hope that this will fade eventually? Very worried that it is still this red and not smooth after this period of time....

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Fraxel treatment

Fraxel treatments should leave you with smoother skin than had prior to treatment but may not fully correct an irregular skin surface (if your skin started out bumpy) and may require several treatments.  Return to the treating doctor and see what this issue is.  Any redness from the laser usually resolves within a week but some of it may have been pre-existing.  Best to see the doctor who treated you again.

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Fraxel treatment

Given that you had the Fraxel treatment 2 months ago, it would be expected that your skin would not have a cobblestone texture or redness by now unless your skin had that texture and color prior to the laser treatment. Some pinkness may be normal at this point. Fraxel laser can be very effective at improving scars, fine lines and discoloration, however multiple treatments are required to achieve these effects. It is hard to determine if what you’re experiencing is normal or a possible adverse outcome without seeing before or after photos. I would return to the practitioner that did the laser treatment or get another opinion from a board certified dermatologist that does this procedure regularly.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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Fraxel and redness

Fraxel is a great laser with minimal down time.  It would be helpful to post photos of your skin to evaluate it. Did you have Fraxel for hyper pigmentation or for acne scars or wrinkles? Which Fraxel laser did you have performed? If you have any concerns please return to your treating dermatologist for evaluation. 

Michele S. Green, MD
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